Prépublications 2016

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The Log Minimal Model Program for horospherical varieties via moment polytopes

B. Pasquier

Foliations-Webs-Hessian Geometry-Information Geometry-Entropy and Cohomology

M.Nguiffo Boyom

A Hybrid High-Order method for nonlinear elasticity

M. Botti, D.A. Di Pietro, P. Sochala

Conditional Mean-Variance and Mean-Semivariance models in portfolio optimization

H. Ben Salah, A. Gannoun, C. de Peretti, M. Ribatet

Replicator-Mutator equations with quadratic fitness

M. Alfaro

Index of projective elliptic operators

P.E. Paradan

On systolic zeta functions

I.Babenko, D. Massart

Red cell’s dynamic morphologies govern blood shear thinning under microcirculatory flow conditions

L. Nanotte, J. Mauer, S. Mendez, D.A. Fedosov, J.M. Fromental, V. Claveria,  F. Nicoud, G. Gompper, M. Abkarian

Hyperbolic rigidity of higher rank lattices

T. Haettel

A spectral characterization of geodesic balls in non-compact rank one symmetric spaces

Ph. Castillon, B. Ruffini

Propagation phenomena in monostable integro-differential equations: acceleration or not ?

M. Alfaro,J. Coville

On topologies on the group (Z_p)^N

I. Babenko, S.A. Bogatyi

A Hybrid High-Order method for the steady incompressible Navier-Stokes problem

D.A. Di Pietro, S. Krell

Unified formulation and analysis of mixed and primal discontinuous skeletal methods on polytopal meshes

D. Boffi, D.A. Di Pietro

Stress and flux reconstruction in Biot’s poro-elasticity problem with application to a posteriori error analysis

R. Riedlbeck, D.A. Di Pietro, A. Ern, S. Granet, K. Kazymyrenko

Validation of an immersed thick boundary method for simulating fluid-structure interactions of deformable membranes

J. Sigüenza, S. Mendez, D. Ambard, F. Dubois, F. Jourdan, R. Mozul, F. Nicoud

On equilibrium shapes of charged flat drops

C. B. Muratov, M. Novaga, B. Ruffini

Pulsating fronts for Fisher-KPP systems with mutations as models in evolutionary epidemiology

M. Alfaro, Q. Griette

Connectedness of spheres in Cayley graphs

J. Brieussel, A. Gournay

W^{s,p}-approximation properties of elliptic projectors on polynomial spaces, with application to the error analysis of a Hybrid High-Order discretisation of Leray-Lions problems

D. A. Di Pietro, J. Droniou

An a posteriori-driven adaptavie mixed high-order method with application to electrostatics

D. A.  Di Pietro, R. Specogna

Fujita blow up phenomena and hair trigger effect: the role of dispersal tails

M. Alfaro

On the homogenization of the stokes problem in a perforated domain

M. Hillairet

About the Numerical Robustness of Biomedical Benchmark Cases: Interlaboratory FDA’s Idealized Medical Device

V. Zmijanovic, S. Mendez, V. Moureau, F. Nicoud

Some results on anisotropic fractional mean curvature flows

A. Chambolle, M. Novaga, B. Ruffini

Compact Sobolev embeddings and torsion functions

B. Ruffini

On minimizers of an isoperimetric problem with long-range interactions and convexity constraint

M. Goldman, M. Novaga,B. Ruffini

A hp-Hybrid High-Order method for variable diffusion on general meshes

J. Aghili, D. Di Pietro, B. Ruffini

A compressible multifluid system with new physical relaxation terms

D. Bresch, M. Hillairet

On Fourier time-splitting methods for nonlinear Schrodinger equations in the semi-classical limit II. Analytic regularity

R. Carles, C. Gallo

Monokinetic solutions to a singular Vlasov equation from a semiclassical perspective

R. Carles, A. Nouri

Norm-inflation with infinite loss of regularity for periodic NLS equations in negative Sobolev spaces

R. Carles, T. Kappeler