Prépublications 2017

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An advection-robust hybrid high-order method for the Oseen problem

J. Aghili, D. A. Di Pietro

An automata group of intermediate growth and exponential activity

J. Brieussel

Crepant resolutions and open  strings II 

A. Brini, R. Cavalieri

E_8 Spectral curves

A. Brini

Crepant resolutions and open strings

A. Brini, R. Cavalieri, D.  Ross

Interplay of nonlinear diffusion, initial tails and Allee effect on the speed of invasions

M. Alfaro, T. Giletti

A new proof of the competitive exclusion principle in the chemostat 

A. Rapaport, M. Veruete

Amari functors and dynamics in Gauge structures

M. Nguiffo Boyom, A. Zeglaoui

Classification of totally umbilical CR-statistical submanifolds in holomorphic statistical manifolds with constant holomorphic curvature

M. Nguiffo Boyom, A.N. Siddiqui, W.A.M. Othman, M.H. Shahid

Generalized Wintegen type inequality for Lagrangian submanifolds in holomorphic statistical space forms

M. Nguiffo Boyom, M. Aquib, M.H. Shahid, M. Jamali

Asymptotic distributions associated to piecewise quasi-polynomials

P.E. Paradan, M. Vergne

Kirillov’s orbit method: the case of discrete series representations

P.E. Paradan

The equivariant index of twisted dirac operators and semi-classical limits

P.E. Paradan, M. Vergne

Equilibrium shapes of charged droplets and related problems: (Mostly) A Review

M. Goldman, B. Ruffini

Assessment of Hybrid High-Order methods on curved meshes and comparison with discontinuous Galerkin methods

L. Botti, D.A. Di Pietro

Cherednik algebras and Calogero-Moser cells

C. Bonnafé, R. Rouquier

On the cohomology of Calogero-Moser spaces

C. Bonnafé, P. Shan

On the Calogero-Moser space associated with dihedral groups

C. Bonnafé

An asympotic cell category for cyclic groups

C. Bonnafé, R. Rouquier

On a nonlocal system for vegetation in arid ecosystems

M. Alfaro, H. Izuhara, M. Mimura

Hochschild cohomology of multi-extension zero algebras

C. Cibils, M. Lanzilotta, E.N. Marcos, A. Solotar

A Hybrid High-Order method for Kirchhoff-Love plate bending problems

F. Bonaldi, D. Di Pietro, G. Geymonat, F. Krasucki

Shalom’s property HFD  and extensions by Z of locally finite groups

J. Brieussel, T. Zheng

Horofunction compactifications of symmetric spaces

T. Haettel, A.-S. Schilling, A. Wienhard

Moduli spaces of (1,7)-polarized abellian surfaces and varieties of sums of powers

M. Bolognesi, A. Massarenti

Schrödinger operators with negative potentials and Lane-Emden densities

L. Brasco, G. Franzina, B. Ruffini

Formal geometric quantization III, Functoriality in the spin-c setting

P.E. Paradan

On the motion of several disks in a unbounded viscous incompressible fluid

L. Sabbagh

A variation on a  conjecture of Faber and Fulton

M. Bolognesi, A. Massarenti

Superexponential growth or decay in the heat equation with a logarithmic nonlinearity

M. Alfaro, R. Carles

Random walks on the discrete affine group

J. Brieussel, R. Tanaka, T. Zheng

An introduction to Hybrid High-Order methods

D.A. Di Pietro, R. Tittarelli

Han’s conjecture and Hochschild homology for null-square projective algebras

C. Cibils, M. J. Redondo, A. Solotar

A Hybrid High-Order method for Darcy flows in fractured porous media

F. Chave, D. A. Di Pietro, L. Formaggia

Equilibrated stress reconstructions for linear elasticity problems with application to a posteriori error analysis

R. Riedlbeck, D. A. Di Pietro, A. Ern

A Hybrid High-Order method for nonlinear elasticity

M. Botti, D. A. Di Pietro, P. Sochala

Implementation of Discontinuous Skeletal methods on arbitrary-dimensional, polytopal meshes using generic programming

M Cicuttin, Daniele Di Pietro, A Ern

Travelling waves for a non-monotone bistable equation with delay: existence and oscillations

M. Alfaro, A. Ducrot, Th. Giletti