Prépublications 2017

A Hybrid High-Order method for Kirchhoff-Love plate bending problems

F. Bonaldi, D. Di Pietro, G. Geymonat, F. Krasucki

Shalom’s property HFD  and extensions by Z of locally finite groups

J. Brieussel, T. ZHENG

Horofunction compactifications of symmetric spaces

T. Haettel, A.-S. Schilling, A. Wienhard

Moduli spaces of (1,7)-polarized abellian surfaces and varieties of sums of powers

M. Bolognesi, A. Massarenti

Schrödinger operators with negative potentials and Lane-Emden densities

L. Brasco, G. Franzina, B. Ruffini

Formal geometric quantization III, Functoriality in the spin-c setting

P.E. Paradan

On the motion of several disks in a unbounded viscous incompressible fluid

L. Sabbagh

A variation on a  conjecture of Faber and Fulton

M. Bolognesi, A. Massarenti

Superexponential growth or decay in the heat equation with a logarithmic nonlinearity

M. Alfaro, R. Carles

Random walks on the discrete affine group

J. Brieussel, R. Tanaka, T. Zheng

An introduction to Hybrid High-Order methods

D.A. Di Pietro, R. Tittarelli

Han’s conjecture and Hochschild homology for null-square projective algebras

C. Cibils, M. J. Redondo, A. Solotar

A Hybrid High-Order method for Darcy flows in fractured porous media

F. Chave, D. A. Di Pietro, L. Formaggia

Equilibrated stress reconstructions for linear elasticity problems with application to a posteriori error analysis

R. Riedlbeck, D. A. Di Pietro, A. Ern

A Hybrid High-Order method for nonlinear elasticity

M. Botti, D. A. Di Pietro, P. Sochala

Implementation of Discontinuous Skeletal methods on arbitrary-dimensional, polytopal meshes using generic programming

M Cicuttin, Daniele Di Pietro, A Ern

Travelling waves for a non-monotone bistable equation with delay: existence and oscillations

M. Alfaro, A. Ducrot, Th. Giletti