Prépublication 2014

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Multiplicities of equivariant Spin^c Dirac operators

Paul-Emile Paradan, Michèle Vergne

Définitions et exemples: prérequis pour l’apprentissage de l’algèbre moderne

Viviane Durang-Guerrier, Thomas Hausberger, Christian Spitalas

Abstract algebra, mathematical structuralism and semiotics

Thomas Hausberger

Training teacher students to use history and epistemology tools: theory and practice on the basis of experiments conducted at Montpellier university

Thomas Hausberger

Blocks of the Grothendieck ring of equivariant bundles on a finite groupe

Cédric Bonnafé

Vogan classes and cells in the unequal parameter case

Cédric Bonnafé

Hybrid High-Order Methods for Variable-Diffusion Problems on General Meshes

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Alexandre Ernb

Derived Algebraic Geometry

Bertrand Toën

Adaptive ABC model choice and geometric summary statistics for hidden Gibbs random elds

Julien Stoehr, Pierre Pudlo, Lionel Cucala

Global Jacqiet-Langlands correspondence for deivision algebras in characteristic p

I.. Badulesco, Ph. Roche

Hybridization of mixed high-order methods on general meshes and application to the Stokes equations

Joubine Aghili, Sébastien Boyaval, D. A. Di Pietro

Finite time extinction for nonlinear Schrödinger equation in 1D and 2S

Rémi Carles, Tohru Ozawa

Explicit solutions for replicator-mutator equations: extinction vs. acceleration

Matthieu Alfaro, Rémi Carles

Möbius function of semigroup posets through Hilbert series

Jonathan Chappelon, Ignacio Garcié-Marco, Luis Pedro Montejano, Jorge Luis Ramirez Alfonsin

An arbitrary-order and compact-stencil discretization of diusion on general meshes based on local reconstruction operators

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Alexandre Ern, Simon Lemaire

A hybrid high-order locking-free method for linear elasticity on general meshes

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Alexandre Ern

Numerical validation of an Homogenized Interface Model

Giuseppe Geymonat, Sofiane Hendili, Françoise Krasucki, Marina Vidrascu

Nonlinear Donati compatibility conditions and the intrinsic approach for nonlinearly elastic plates

Philippe G. Ciarlet, Giuseppe Geymonat, Françoise Krasucki

Image-based large-eddy simulation in a realistic left heart

C. Chnafa, S. Mendez and F. Nicoud

Using image-based CFD to investigate the intracardiac turbulence

C. Chnafa, S. Mendez, R. Moreno and F. Nicoud

Balanced simplices

Jonathan Chappelon

Universal posiitive mass theorems

Marc Herzllich