Prépublication 2015

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Cocompactly cubulated Artin-Tits groups

T. Haettel

A discontinuous skeletal method for the viscosity-dependent Stokes problem

D. Di Pietro, A. Ern, A. Linke, F. Schieweck

A hybrid high-order method for the Cahn-Hilliard problem in mixed form

F. Chave, D. A. Di Pietro, F. Marche, F. Pigeonneau

Hopf polyads

A. Bruguières

The effect of climate shift on a species submitted to dispersion, evolution, growth and nonlocal competition

M. Alfaro, H. Berestycki, G.Raoul

Derived categories and Deligne-Lusztig varieties II

C. Bonnafé, J.F. Dat, R. Rouquier

Cells and cacti

C. Bonnafé

Speed of random walks, isoperimetry and compression of finitely generated groups

J. Brieussel, T. Zheng

The fshape framework for the variability analysis of functional shpaes

B. Charlier, N. Charon, A.Trouvé

Stability property of multiplicities of group representations

P.E. Paradan

A survey on the singularities of spherical varieties

Boris Pasquier

An asymptotic plate model for magneto-electro-thermo-elastic sensors and actuators

S. Bonaldi, G. Geymonat, F. Krasucki, M. Serpilli

A review of Hybrid High-Order methods: formulations, computational aspects, comparison with other methods

D. Di Pietro, A. Ern, S. Lemaire

Klt singularities of horospherical pairs

Boris Pasquier

Rational reductions of the 2D-Toda hierarch and mirror symmetry

A. Brini, G. Carlet, S. Romano, P. Rossi

A hybrid high-order method for Leray-Lions elliptic equations on general meshes

D. A. Di Pietro, J. Droniou

A nonconforming high-order method for the Biot problem on general meshes

D. Boffi, M. Botti, D. A. Di Pietro

Invariants of Free Linear Category and Representation Type

C. Cibils, E.N. Marcos

Chern-Simons theory on spherical Seifert manifolds, topological strings and integrable systems

G. Borot, A. Brini

Modeling of smart materials with thermal effects: Dynamic and quasi-static evolution

F. Bonaldi, G. Geymonat, F. Krasucki

About the speed of random walks on solvable groups

Jérémie Brieussel

Slowing Allee effect vs. accelerating heavy tails in monostable reaction diffusion equations

Matthieu Alfaro

Microfluidic study of enhanced deposition of siclke cells at acute corners and its possible role in vaso-occlusion

Etienne Loiseau, Gladys Massiera, Simon Mendez, Patricia Aguilar Martinez, Manouk Abkarian

Witten non abelian localization for equivariant K-theory, and the [Q,R]=0 theorem

Paul-Emile Paradan, Michele Vergne

Computing asymptotic invariants with the Ricci tensor on asymptotically flat and hyperbolic manifolds

Marc Herzlich

Asymptotic analysis of a linear isotropic elastic composite reinforced by a thin layer of periodically distributed isotropic parallel stiff fibres

Michel Bellieud, Giuseppe Geymonat, Françoise Krasucki

About Moreau-Yosida regularization of the minimal time crisis problem

Tererence Bayen, Alain Rapaport

The fundamental group of a Hopf linear category

Claude Cibils, Andrea Solotar

The fundamental group of a Hopf linear category

Clément Dombry, Mathieu Ribatet, Stilian Stoev

Asymptotic analysis of a monostable equation in periodic media

Matthieu Alfaro, Thomas Giletti

Varying the direction of propagation in reaction-diffusion equations in periodic media

Matthieu Alfaro, Thomas Giletti

Two-player tower of Hanoi

Jonathan Chappelon, Urban Larsson, Akihido Matsuura

Calibration of conditional composite likelihood for Bayesian inference on Gibbs random elds

Julien Stoehr, Nial Friely

A dynamic gradient approach to pareto optimization with nonsmooth convex objective functions

Hedy Attouch, Guillaume Garrigos, Xavier Goudou

Splitting methods with variable metric for KL functions and general convergence rates

Pierre Frankel, Guillaume Garrigos, Juan Peypouquet

Sharp weights in the Cauchy problem for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with potential

Rémi Carles

Scattering for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a general one-dimensional confinent

Rémi Carles, Clément Gallo

On semi-classical limit of nonlinear quantum scattering

Rémi Carles

Second order analysis for strong solutions in the optimal control of parabolic equations

Terence Bayen, Francisco Jose Silva

Dynamical modelling and optimal control of landlls

A Rapaport, T Bayen, M Sebbah, A Donoso, A Torrico

Equilibrated tractions for the Hybrid High-Order method

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Alexandre Ern

A discontinuous-skeletal method for advection-diusion-reaction on general meshes

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Jerôme Droniou, and Alexandre Ern

Low-order reconstruction operators on polyhedral meshes: Application to Compatible Discrete Operator

Jerome Bonelle, Daniele Di Pietro, Alexandre Ern

Higher rank lattices are not coarse median

T. Haettel

Systolic geometry and simplicial complexity for groups

I. Babenko, F. Balacheff and G. Bulteau