Prépublications 2012

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Analytic families of quantum hyperbolic invariants and their asymptotical behaviour, I

Stéphane Baseilhac, Riccardo Benedetti

An approach of the Minimal Model Program for horospherical varieties via moment polytopes

Boris Pasquier

An asymptotic strain gradient Reissner-Mindlin plate model

Michele Serpilli, Françoise Krasucki, Giuseppe Geymonat

Matched asymptotic expansion method for an homogenized interface model

Giuseppe Geymonat, Sofiane Hendili, Françoise Krasucki, Marina Vidrasu

An extension of the Crouzeix-Raviart space to general meshes with application to quasi-incompressible linear elasticity and Stokes flow

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Simon Lemaire

An asymptotic preserving scheme based on a new formulation for NLS in the semiclassical limit

Christophe Besse, Rémi Carles, Florian Méhats

Proper local complete intersection morphisms preserve perfect complexes

Bertrand Toën

An inf-sup stable and robust discretization of the Stokes equations with large irrotational sources on general meshes

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Simon Lemaire

A looking-free discontinuous Galerkin method for linear elasticity in locally nearly incompressible heterogeneous media

Daniele Di Pietro, Serge Nicaise

Continuity and finiteness of the radius of convergence of a p-adic differential equation via potential theory

Jérôme Poineau, Andrea Pulita

The convergence Newton polygon of a p-adic differential equation II: Continuity and finiteness on Berkovich curves

Jérôme Poineau, Andra Pulita

The convergence Newton polygon of a p-adic differential equation I: Affinoid domains of the Berkovich affine line

Andrea Pulita

Matroid base polytope decomposition II: sequence of hyperplane splits

Vanessa Chatelain, Jorge Luis Ramirez Alfonsin

On the number of numerical semigroups (a,b) of prime power genus

Shalom Eliahou, Jorge Ramirez Alfonsin

Propagating interface in a monostable reaction-diffusion equation with time delay

Matthieu Alfaro, Arnaud Ducrot

The saturation property for branching rules examples

Boris Pasquier, Nicolas Ressayre

On the structure of K^*_G(T^*_GM)

Paul-Emile Paradan

On the Möbius function of numerical semigroups posets

Jonathan Chappelon, Jorge Luis Ramirez Alfonsin

Parabolic geodesics as parallel curves in parabolic geometries

Marc Herzlich

Congugacy classes of involutions and Kazhdan-Lusztig cells

Cédric Bonnafé, Meinolf Geck

On topological properties of the formal power series substitution group

Ivan Babenko, S. Bogatyi

Systolic volume of homology classes

Ivan Babenko, Florent Balacheff

Minimax adaptive tests for the Functional Linear model

Nadine Hilgert, André Mas, Nicolas Verzelen

Approximate Bayesian computation via empirical likelihood

Kerrie L. Mengersen, Pierre Pudlo, Christian P. Robert

On p-adic Speh representations

A.I. Badulescu

Une condition suffisante pour l’irréductibilité d’une induite parabolique de  GL(m,D)

Ioan Badulescu, Erez Lapid, Alberto Minguez

Rapid travelling waves in the nonlocal Fisher equation connect two unstable states

Matthieu Alfaro, Jérôme Coville

On 3-dimensional homotopy quantum field theory, I

Vladimir Turaev, Alexis Virelizier

Modular Schur numbers

J. Chappelon, M.P. Revuelta, M.I. Sanz

Central exact sequences of tensor categories, equivariantization and applications

Alain Bruguières, Sonia Natale

On the center of fusion categories

Alain Bruguières, Alexis Virelizier

On asymptotically harmonic manifolds of negative curvature

Philippe Castillon, Andrea Sambusetti

On Vassiliev invariants of braid groups of the sphere

N. Kaabi and V.V. Vershinine

Asymptotics of prediction in functional linear regression with functional outputs

Christophe Crambes, André Mas

Inverse spectral positivity for surfaces

Pierre Bérard, Philippe Castillon

Change of support in spatial variance-based sensitivity analysis

Nathalie Saint-Geours, Christian Lavergne, Jean-Stéphane Bailly, Frédéric Grelot

Estimation of spatial max-stable models using threshold exceedances

Jean-Noêl Bacro

Lower bound in regression for functional data by representation of small ball propabilities

André Mas

Approximate Bayesian Computational methods

Jean-Michel Marin, Pierre Pudlo, Christian P. Robert, Robin J. Ryder

An empirical Bayes procedure for the selection of Gaussian graphical models

Sophie Donnet, Jean-Michel Marin

Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice

Jean-Michel Marin, Nadesh S. Pillai, Christian P. Robert, Judith Rousseau

The normalized graph cut and Cheeger constant: from discrete to continuous

Ery Arias-Castro, Bruno Pelletier, Pierre Pudlo

Monte Carlo algorithms for model assessment via conflicting summaries

Olivier Ratmann, Pierre Pudlo, Sylvia Richardson, Christian Robert

Component-based generalized linear regression using a PLS-extended variant of the Fisher scoring algorithm

Xavier Bry, Catherine Trottier, Thomas Verron

Statistical modelling of spatial extremes

A.C. Davison, S.A. Padoan, M. Ribatet

On the Hilbert geometry of products

Constantin Vernicos

Nonlinear capacitary problems for a non-periodic distribution of fibers

Michel Bellieud, Christian Licht, Gérard Michaille, Somsak Orankitjaroen

Two dimensional deterministic model of a thin body with  micro hight stiffness fibers randomly distributed

Gérard Michaille, Azdine Nait-ali, Stéphane Pagano

Quantization commutes with reduction in the non-compact setting: the case of holomorphic discrete series

Paul-Emile Paradan

Conditional simulations of Brown-Resnick processes

C. Dombry, F. Eyi-Minko, M. Ribatet

Calogero-Moser versus Kazhdan-Lusztig cells

Cédric Bonnafé, Raphaël Rouquier

A mixing effect induced by sources concentrated in a soft junction and the gradient concentration phenomenon

Anne-Laure Bessoud, Pongpol Juntharee, Christian Licht, Gérard Michaille

Characterization of local quadratic growth for strong minima in the optimal control of semi-linear elliptic equation

Térérence Bayen, J. Frédéric Bonnas, Francisco J. Silva

Optimal synthesis for minimum time control problems of fed-batch bioprocesses for growth functions with two maxima

Térérence Bayen, Pedro Gajardo, Francis Mairet

Quantization and derived moduli spaces I: Shifted symplectic structures

T. Pantev, B. Toën, M. Vaquié, G. Vezzosi

Generalizations of the PRV conjecture, II

Pierre-Louis Montagard, Boris Pasquier, Nicolas Ressayre

A new lower bound for Hermite’s constant for symplectic lattices

Bjoern Muetzel

Quantum D-modules for toric nef complete intersection

Etienne Mann, Thierry Mignon

Madelung, Gross-Pitaevskii and Korteweg

Rémi Carles, Raphaël Danchin, Jean-Claude Saut

Interaction of coherent states for hartree equations

Rémi Carles

Geometric optics and instability for NLS and Davey-Stewartson models

Rémi Carles, Eric Dumas, Christof Sparber

Energy cascades for NLS on the torus

Rémi Carles

Finiteness theorems for the Picard objects of an algebraic stack

Sylvain Brochard

On the validity of formal asymptotic expansions in Allen-Cahn equation and Fitzhugh-Nagumo system with generic initial date

Matthieu Alfaro, Hiroshi Matano

A stabilized Lagrange multiplier method for the enriched finite-element approximation of contact problems of cracked elastic bodies

S. Amdouni, P. Hild, V. Lleras, M. Moakher, Y. Renard