Prépublications 2013

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Image-based large-eddy simulation in a realistic left heart

C. Chnafa, S. Mendez and F. Nicoud

Using image-based CFD to investigate the intracardiac turbulence

C. Chnafa, S. Mendez, R. Moreno and F. Nicoud

Balanced simplices

Jonathan Chappelon

Universal posiitive mass theorems

Marc Herzllich

A family of arbitrary-order mixed methods for heterogeneous anisotropic diusion on general meshes

Daniele A. Di Pietro and Alexandre Ern

Operations on derived moduli spaces of branes

Bertrand Toën

Upper bounds and values for r(Km,Kn – K1,s) and r(Km -e, Kn – K1,s)

Jonathan Chappelon, Luis Pedro Montejano and Jorge Luis Ramirez Alfonsin

Scattering for nonlinear Schrodinger equation under partial harmonic confinement

Paolo Antonelli, Rémi Carles and Jorge Drumond Silva

An algorithm computing non solvable spectral radii of p-adic differential equations.

Andrea Pulita

The convergence Newton polygon of a p-adic differential equation III : global decomposition and controlling graphs

Jérôme Poineau and Andrea Pulita

The convergence Newton polygon of a p-adic differential equation IV : local and global index theorems

Jérôme Poineau and Andrea Pulita

A posteriori error estimates with application of adaptive mesh refinement for thermal multiphase compositional flows in porous media

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Martin Vohralik, Soleiman Youssef

Ramsey for complete graphs with dropped cliques

Jonathan Chappelon, Luis Pedro Montejano, Jorge Luis Ramírez Alfonsín

A posteriori error estimates, stopping criteria, and adaptivity for multiphase compositional Darcy ows in porous media

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Eric Flauraud, Martin Vohralik, and Soleiman Yousef

Discrete random walks on the group sol

Jérémie Brieussel, Ryokichi Tanaka

Connected covering numbers

Jonathan Chappelon, Kolia Knauer, Luis Pedro Montejano and Jorge Luis Ramirez Alfonsin

Asymptotic shallow water models with non smooth topographies

Mathieu Cathala

Restricting toral supercuspidal representations to the derived group, and applications to the quaternion division algebra

Monica Nevins

On branching rules of depth-zero representations

Monica Nevins

ETRU: NTRU over the Eisenstein Integers

Monica Nevins

An unstructured solver for simulations of deformable particles in flows at arbitrary Reynolds numbers

Simon Mendez

Adaptive regularization, linearization, and discretization and a posteriori error control for the two-phase Stefan problem

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Martin Vohralik, and Soleiman Yousef

Bistable travelling waves for nonlocal reaction diffusion equations

Matthieu Alfaro, Jérôme Coville and Gaël Raoul

Weak and strong minima : from calculus of variation toward PDE optimization

T. Bayen, F.J. Silva

Optimal synthesis for a minimum time problem in the plane with a triangle control set

Terence Bayen, Matthieu Sebbah, Alain Rapaport

Monotone corrections for generic cell-centered Finite Volume approximations of anisotropic diffusion equations

Clément Cancès, Mathieu Cathala, Christophe Le Potier

An algorithmic classification of open surfaces

Sylvain Maillot

On the conservativity of cell centered Galerkin methods

Daniele A. Di Pietro

Convergence of a mass conserving Allen-Cahn equation whose Lagrange multiplier is nonlocal and local

Matthieu Alfaro, Pierre Alifrangis

Cellules de Calogero-Moser

Cédric Bonnafé, Raphaël Rouquier

Constructible characters and b-invariant

Cédric Bonnafé

Composantes PRV généralisées et chemins de Littelmann

Pierre-Louis Montagard

A review of recent advances in discretization methods, a posteriori error analysis, and adaptive algorithms for numerical modeling in geosciences

Daniele A. Di Pietro, Martin Vohralík

Non-asymptotic Adaptive Prediction in Functional Linear Models

Elodie Brunel, Andre Mas, and Angelina Roche

Travelling waves in a nonlocal reaction-diffusion equation as a model for a population structured by a space variable and a phenotypical trait

Matthieu Alfaro, Jérôme Coville, Gaël Raoul